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Mobile Treatment Centers

Maple Leaf provides onsite medical services, options include:

  • Small standby teams for short term, high hazard operations

  • Call out emergency response services

  • Permanent onsite clinics

  • Onsite medical personnel and equipment for remote locations and high-hazard work

  • Medical backup for high hazard plant turnaround operations

  • Pre-arranged drug and alcohol testing

  • Large fleet of medical transport vehicles, including truck-mounted mobile treatment centers

Each unit is self-sustaining and possess all the necessary medical equipment for our employees to treat any client within their level of training. Should the need for client transportation arise, each unit is an Automatic transmission allowing another individual to  safely operate the vehicle while treatment is carried out in the back.


The provincial governments have developed a unified approach to deal with vehicles and services used to transport injured or ill workers from the work site in such a manner that health and safety are maintained. Our equipment is designed to meet all government standards and our personnel are highly trained and certified with  health and safety in the highest regard for everyone involved.

Maple Leaf Environmental &  Safety Ltd. provides our EMRs and EMTs with fully stocked 4x4 Mobile Treatment Centers
Onsite Medical Services
Mobile Treament Centers
The health and welfare of workers is a primary concern to employers. Responsible employers should be prepared to treat minor injuries, respond quickly to medical emergencies, and offer other health and wellness services.