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Maple Leaf Environmental & Safety Ltd. offer mobile confined space rescue teams that are competent and certified to NFPA standards. ERT members of these specialized units are provided with industry leading equipment to perform rescues and or retrievals should the need arise. Our employees have many years’ experience overseeing work done in towers, vessels, and other spaces deemed to be confined. Prior to commencement of a job, our team develops an emergency response plan specific to the work area.

When your plant is undergoing a turnaround, the last thing you want is an accident. But it’s the first thing you should anticipate. Any entry into a confined industrial space presents the risk of an incident. So your company needs to be prepared with a confined space rescue team that knows the drill – inside out. They’ll help your people prepare while they’re still outside the environment.

The crew will then work with them to maintain safety and awareness to changing conditions while inside the confined space. Entrapment, engulfment, flammable gases and toxic fumes are just a few of the scenarios our confined space rescue crews are trained to handle at a moment’s notice, minimizing the risk to your workers. In case an incident does occur, the crew is prepared to provide swift evacuation of workers and emergency aid when needed.

Confined Space Rescue
High Angle Rescue

Maple Leaf Environmental & Safety's technical rope team are trained and competent in climbing and evaluation of tower integrity. They have been trained in performing rescues on towers where any of the following are true: lead climbing may be required (as no existing fall protecting exists), if non-standard anchor points may be required, horizontal and vertical movement of the patient may be required, only one rescuer can access the tower to perform rescues, or rescuers have the ability to alter the plan and implement responses as required. However an emergency response plan is always in place.

Rope access is a proven system to safely and efficiently access hard to reach places at heights and in confined spaces. The rescue plan is a written document which outlines how a rescue of an injured or incapacitated worker could be safely & efficiently conducted on a given job site, if required. It contains all required information to both initiate and complete a rescue & ways to summon outside assistance if required. All contingencies should be considered in the development of a rescue plan with safety of all workers being the main priority.