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Breathing Air Trailers

Maple Leaf provides breathing air trailers and air technicians for use in oil and gas, industrial, mining and construction projects in Western Canada. Our breathing air trailers offer supply air and respiratory protection for a variety of industrial applications including: hazardous material handling, petrochemical and confined space operations. All of our air technicians are fully trained and qualified to deploy and operate the air trailers, keeping your team safe.


Our breathing air trailers are equipped with:

  • 2 SCBA’s, 4 SABA’s and a full spread of 50' and 100' breathing air lines and manifolds

  • extra equipment is available upon request

Encapsulated in a fiberglass body, our trailers contain 4500 psi bottles to provide an  increased volume of air to our clients. We supply both MSA and Scott SABAs and MSA SCBAs.

Our trailers are supplied with safety technicians or can be rented daily, weekly or monthly where our personnel will spot the equipment and set it up and offer some onsite guidance and training in the use of the equipment.

Maple Leaf Environmental & Safety Ltd. is able to provide to its clients both Qualitative and Quantitative mask fit testing. Using either the smoke tube method or our state of the art computerized Quantifit machine, Maple Leaf provides fit testing for MSA, Scott and North based products.

Qualitative Respiratory Mask Fit Testing is a short, 15 minute procedure that is a requirement for many workplace environments and conditions. Getting properly fitted is essential for the safety of people working in an area where possible contamination or oxygen deficiency is possible.

Results of testing are valid for one calendar year from the date of test and each worker is provided with a fit testing certificate. Fit testing at plant turn arounds, onsite or Maple Leaf Facilities.

Mask Fit Testing
Equipped with some of the best equipment in the industry, Maple Leaf Environmental &  Safety Ltd. can provide breathing air trailers anywhere in Western Canada.