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Professional Safety Services

Facility Turnarounds & New Construction 

Maple Leaf Environmental & Safety Ltd. specialize in oil and gas plant turnaround and new construction safety. 


Our employees are capable of carrying out various site spcific tasks including: bottle watch, safety watch, atmospheric monitoring, fire watch, high angle rescue, rope rescue, confined space entry, confined space monitor, confined space rescue, emergency response, security, fit testing, documentation and reporting.


Our core leaders have been with the company for over ten years. They are experienced with numerous plants and called back every year as a benefit of their expertise, work safety and ethics.


Confined Space Rescue

Maple Leaf Environmental & Safety Ltd. offer mobile confined space rescue teams that are competent and certified  to NFPA standards. ERT  members of these specialized units are provided with industry leading equipment to perform rescues and or retrievals  should the need  arise.


Our employees have many years’ experience overseeing work done in towers, vessels, and other spaces deemed to be confined. Prior to commencement of a job, our team develops an emergency response plan specific to the work area.



Breathing Air Trailers

Equipped with some of the best equipment in the industry, Maple Leaf Environmental &  Safety Ltd. can provide breathing air trailers anywhere in Western Canada. Encapsulated in a fiberglass body, our trailers contain 4500 psi bottles to provide an  increased volume of air to our clients. We supply both MSA and Scott SABA's and MSA SCBA's.


Our trailers are supplied with safety technicians or can be rented daily, weekly or monthly where our personnel will spot the equipment and set it up and offer some onsite guidance and training in the use of the equipment.


High Angle Rescue

Maple Leaf Environmental & Safety's technical rope team are trained and competent in climbing and evaluation of tower integrity. They have been trained in performing rescues on towers where any of the following are true: lead climbing may be required (as no existing fall protecting exists), if non-standard anchor points may be required, horizontal and vertical movement of the patient may be required, only one rescuer can access the tower to perform rescues, or rescuers have the ability to alter the plan and implement responses as required. However an emergency response plan is always in place.


HSE Safety Advisors

Maple Leaf Environmental & Safety provide safety advisors to both the construction and oil & gas industries. Our advisors are professional, competent and complimentary in working with the client's management team.


Maple Leaf provide safety advisors to oversee safety of all disciplines representing the client. Work with the safety advisors of the sub-contractors, audit sub-contractors safety management system, tool box talks, attend all safety meetings, inspect and audit equipment, conduct orientations. Make sure all paperwork is kept up and current. Field level hazard assessments, all incidents and near misses are investigated and documented.

Mobile Treatment Centres

Onsite first aid is supplied with EMR's and EMT's complete with fully stocked 4X4 mobile treatment centres.


Each unit is self-sustaining and possess all the necessary medical equipment for our employees to treat any client with our professionals level of training. Should the need for client transportation arise, each unit is an automatic transmission allowing another individual to safely operate the vehicle while treatment is carried out in the mobile treatment facility.



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