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Safety Management Systems & Audits

Maple Leaf Environmental & Safety Ltd. provides Certified Peer Auditors sanctioned by the A.C.S.A. to conduct internal and external audits. Investigations conducted by Maple Leaf seek out root causes of an incident, provide information on how they can be prevented in the future. All investigations are done with the utmost care and with respect to the clients privacy.

The audits are done in three sections: the first being documentation, a complete and thorough examination  of the Corporate Safety Management System making note of any deficiencies; Second is the interview phase taking a representative cross section of the work force and interviewing them to evaluate the safety program from their point of view; and third, is the observation phase to observe the workers carrying out their tasks to verify if safe work practices and procedures being utilized.


Finally is the reporting phase a complete analysis of the information collected is written up in report form as an executive summary. Thanking the company for allowing Maple Leaf to complete the audit, then making three comments on the companies strengths and three comments on some weakness. Then the auditor would suggest corrective actions for improvement of the system and finally thanking the company again for the opportunity of completing their  annual audit.

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