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Safety Solutions

Safety Management Systems & Audits

Maple Leaf provides certified peer auditors sanctioned by the ACSA to conduct internal and external audits. Investigations conducted by Maple Leaf seek out and define root causesof the incident, provide information on ow they can be prevented in the future. All invesigations are done with the utmost care and with respect to the clients privacy.

Fire Extinguishers Sales & Service

Repair, recertification and maintenance of fire extinguishers. Maple Leaf is pleased to announce to our clients and associates a new and vital service that we offer to the HSE industry. A self-contained mobile unit that handles the repair, recertificatio and maintenance of fire extinguishers.

Alcohol & Drug Screening Service

Maple Leaf has certified alcohol and drug screening technicians. The tests offered are: pre-employment; pre-access; post incident and just cause. They are conducted at the Conklin facility and an on-site facility testing trailer.

Vegetation & Pest Control

Whether you have unruly weeds or saplings sprouting in your backyard or worksite making the area unsafe and uncomfortable.  Maple Leaf  has a variety of solutions to answer the problem of noxious vegetation and stinging insects.  

NORM Survey & Waste Management

NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials).  NORM exists in the earth’s crust and also emanates from the sun. TENORM (Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials):  When NORM accumulates into hazardous concentrations during mineral processing and the extraction and production of oil and gas.


Training; Required Safety Courses

Two new state of the art training facilities are located at Water Valley North of Cochrane and the Conklin facility in NE Alberta on highway 881. we offer instruction and certification for numerous courses required in the construction and oil & gas industries.

Sales, Rentals & Service of Safety Supplies

Maple Leaf has opened a safety supply store in the town of Conklin and out of the Water Valley corporate facility. We sell a wide range of supplies for walk-in clients and customers, we also supply custom orders delivered throughout Western Canada.
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