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HSE Safety Advisors

Our clients want and need to comply with OH&S requirements, especially when it comes to the challenges of SAGD, industrial, refinery, oil, or construction safety. Like most businesses, yours is probably in one of these sectors: oil and gas, chemicals, manufacturing, construction, etc. That means you can utilize industrial or construction safety services provided by Maple Leaf. A company you can trust to step in and, without delay, get to work keeping your most vital resources safe on the job without down time.

Our advisors conduct a hazard analysis, a written document prepared to identify hazards, and the hazard mitigation methods for relevant jobs, tasks or techniques. The Hazard analysis is a living document which is continuously updated as conditions dictate or as tasks change. Usually this document is a component of the safe work plan.

Maple Leaf will conduct safety meetings and toolbox meetings with workers on site before work begins and again whenever work tasks or scope of work changes, or new hazards develop or are identified. They serve as an opportunity to remind all workers involved in a project of the potential hazards involved and the details around how to mitigate those hazards while completing their work. Tailgate meetings are a valuable opportunity to gather input from all workers on jobsite safety.


Drilling & Completions

Pipeline Construction

Corporate Investigations

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