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Vegetation & Pest Control

Whether you have unruly weeds or saplings sprouting in your backyard or worksite making the area unsafe and uncomfortable. Maple Leaf  has avariety of solutions to answer the problems of noxious vegetation and stinging insects.  


Our chemicals are safe for the environment, and won’t cause any harm to livestock or pets.  Our techncians are specially trained in the care, use and limitations of the products and specifically in the controlled substances used in our spraying service.  

Maple Leaf always appreciates the opportunity to assist  in your vegetation and pest control requirements. 

We have offroad vehicles to access remote sites for all your spraying needs! 

Maple Leaf is  dedicated  to safeguarding  the employee,  company property,  environment, and the public from harm or loss.  


If you’ve got wild vegetation in or around your place of business or home, let us take care of it for you! 

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