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Sales, Rentals & Service Safety Supplies

Maple Leaf Environmental & Safety Ltd. Is dedicated to safeguarding

the employee, company property, environment and the public

from harm or loss!

We are pleased to announce and introduce to our clients and associates a new and vital service. Maple Leaf has opened a safety supply store in Conklin, Alberta caring a wide variety of safety related items including:


*  Hard hats

*  Beacons

*  First Aid Kits

*  Gloves

*  Dust Masks

*  Jackets

*  Harnesses

*  Cartridge Masks

*  Rain Suits

*  Coveralls

*  Fire Extinguishers

*  Safety Ribbon

*  Safety Glasses

*  Eye Wash Station

*  Truck Whips

*  Spill kits

*  Cleaning Products

*  Winter PPE


We stock major brands such as Pioneer, Watson, Zenith, North, MSA, IFR, Jet Tools

In dealing directly with distributors, we are able to pass savings directly to clients and associates!!!

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